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Asia Times Square Cultural Ambassadors

Many of us across the nation feel disconnected, disheartened, or anxious about the state of our country. And at the same time, we feel glimmers of hope for the possibility of better future. Gathering together, sharing with others, and committing to live our authentic lives are powerful ways to build community muscle.

Asia Times Square, fueled by the LOH Foundation is starting an Ambassadors group. We know that when we share our cultures and reach across to other diverse cultures, we can create the synergy needed to live in a more inclusive and more cohesive community.

Our plan will be to meet on the ATS Plaza and share our cultures and traditions. Any ethnicity. Any age. Any race. Each time we meet we will introduce a different culture or a different story from a culture.

No politics. Just you and me and 100 other friends seeking to connect.

This is how we banish hate. This is how we answer violence. If you are interested and will join us as Ambassadors for your culture, please let me know, we look forward to seeing you!

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